Niu Fi Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please activate within 7 days after receiving the device. If you do not activate within 7 days, the validity period of the gift package will be calculated from the 8th day. If the user is not activated, the device cannot access the Internet. If the extension is activated, some of the package traffic may be wasted. For group purchases or corporate users, you can contact customer service to extend the activation period of the device activation.

Activation process of global and domestic NiuFi:

1)Visit WeChat public account: YBB travel–open on the Niu Fi menu : Niu Fi manager page.
2)Activate the device: click on device activation entry On the NiuFi manager  page–enter the device follow the instruction –input your mobile phone and personal authentication information — then submit.

Activation process of domestic NiuFi manager APP

1)Install the NiuFi manager APP. Visit WeChat public account: YBB travel, open the download page on the Niu Fi menu, and install the version suitable for your mobile phone system (supports IOS and Android4.0 and above).
2)Log in NiuFi account.  Use the order phone number to log in to the APP account interface(Do not contact NiuFi). When you log in for the first time, select “Forgot your password” and complete the login with the password you received with SMS.
3)My device. Click on “My Device” on the account interface, and the device under the account will be displayed.
4)Activate the device. Click the “Activate” button at the back of the device, fill in the information as prompted, upload the ID card photo (both sides) and the front photo of the ID card (do not cover your face).
5)Start to surfing after activating. After the activation is successful, turned on NiuFi&wait for about 5 minutes (domestic NiuFi indicator is always green, global NiuFi indicator is always blue), you can connect to the Internet with your mobile phone now.

A:NiuFi manager APP (only domestic NiuFi) has the following functions:

1)Self-service activation and authentication equipment
2)Searching the equipment under its account
3)Account balance checking&top-up
4)Check pack and remaining data, purchase overlay data pack (domestic)
5)You can check the device status, including the current connected operator network, network signal strength, and device power capacity.
6)Manage devices, manage WiFi passwords, Internet mode (local card and cloud card Internet access), firmware upgrade

There’re 2 methods to top up your account and data pack for NiuFi:
1)Use the account balance to top up data pack.
2)Buy the data pack directly.

Top up your account balance:
1)Find the account to top up the account balance on the NiuFi manager APP account interface (click the bottom account menu item)
2)Log in account of the NiuFi manager, click the button to top up.

Purchase a data pack
1)Buy domestic NiuFi in the NiuFi APP
  a) Enter the device interface (click on “device menu” at the bottom) then click on My Pack
  b) Click the data top up button– browse and select the data pack you want–click the Buy button
  c) Pay Online (account balance / Alipay / WeChat 3 payment methods are availabl)–data pack top up completed.
2)Buy domestic & global NiuFi in the NiuFi manager APP
  a) Enter the NiuF manager home page, browse and select the data pack you want–click the Buy button
  b) Pay Online (account balance / WeChat 2 payment methods are available)–data pack top up completed.

A: 1)Check it in the NiuFi APP.
  a) Enter the device interface (click on the device menu at the bottom) –click on My Package
  b) Or enter the account interface (click the account menu at the bottom)– click on my device–you’ll find the current available data pack remaining

2)Check it in NiuFi manager App.
  a) Enter the homepage of NiuFi manager–click on my data pack–find the current available data status.

A: The validity period of the NiuFi is accurate to minute, that is, if the 1G/month data pack is topped up at 13:25 on March 15th, it will expire at 13:25 on April 15th.

A: All data pack for NiuFi cannot be used after the expiration date. It is We recommend you purchase and use it reasonably.

A: Domestic NiuFi has a reserved external SIM card slot, supporting Micro SIM card.

After the device is inserted with card:
1) After the domestic card is inserted, the device will be restarted and connect network automatically.
2) After the foreign card is inserted, you need to configure the APN according to the card issuing operator’s instructions. Related operations: After the card is inserted and device turned on, mobile phone will connects to the NiuFi, and enters the online mode page in the NiuFi APP, the current Internet access mode is displayed as the local card; fill in the correct APN setting information, click to confirm the save, wait for a while and start to surfing.

Before using a foreign SIM card, please consult the card seller for the following key information:
1)Mobile network APN
2)Whether and how to activate the SIM card
3)Confirm if the SIM card supports hotspot sharing (some SIM cards only support mobile phones).

For foreign SIM cards, whether a particular country supports it depends on the frequency of the country’s mobile network, as long as it is supported by foreign operators that are consistent with China’s 3G/4G frequency bands.

Please note that when inserting a domestic or foreign SIM card, you can only connect to the operator network of the Sim card, but cannot enjoy the three-network preferential Internet access function of the NiuFi. If you need to restore the use of the NiuFi self-contained data pack, please unplug the SIM card from the card slot then it’ll automatically switch back to the cloud SIM card to access the Internet.

A: Support 4G networks of the three major operators in China, namely: Mobile 4G, China Unicom 4G/3G, Telecom 4G network.

A: NiuFi can only automatically select the domestic operator network by the system, and does not support manual selection.

A: NiuFi has two security mechanisms : 1 User account password, 2 Device WiFi password (ie hotspot access password)
WiFi password: The password for the mobile terminal to access the NiuFi hotspot.
User account password:You can only get administrative rights such as modifying the WiFi password or using the account balance to top up data pack by logging user account.
For ease of use, you can simply connect to the device using a WiFi password to get commonly used device management functions: such as device power capacity checking or current data usage status

A: Please refer to the product manual enclosed in the device package. The method is similar to the home wireless router. You need to log in to the management console of the device after connecting to the network of the Niu Fi, and modify the WIFI password in the corresponding password setup menu.

A: In case of equipment failure, please contact WeChat customer service (public account: YBB travel), and cooperate with customer service to complete the troubleshooting procedure. If it is still unable to solve the problem after repeated attempts, you need to return the equipment for inspection according to the customer service instructions to help us confirm the fault.

A: If the device is lost, please contact the customer service ASAP to report the loss. You can choose to book a new device, and contact customer service to transfer the original plan you ordered to the new one. Your deposit will not be refunded to compensate the loss.

A: Yes, but it is recommended to shut down the device before charging it.

A: Global NiuFi Supports mobile networks in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, charged by device usage time (charging unit: yuan per day), unlimited data, free international roaming. Please refer to the NiuFi manager for a list of countries it support.

A: All mobile devices that support wireless network (WLAN) can connect to the NiuFi to access the Internet and each NiuFi can support up to 5 devices.

A: Press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds (the front of the global NiuFi device, or at the bottom of the domestic device), wait until the signal light is on (global NiuFi indicator is always blue, domestic NiuFi indicator is always green ), indicating that the device is powered on and working properly, waiting for the user to access the mobile device via NiuFi hot spot.

A: Use a pin to insert the reset hole of the device (at the bottom of the device of domestic NiuFi , on the side of the device of global NiuFi ), press and hold for a few seconds until the device been reset. After the reset, login password returns to the initial state, which can found on the back of the device.

A: After turning on NiuFi device normally (global NiuFi indicator is always blue,domestic NiuFi indicator is always green), switch on Wi-Fi function on your mobile phone, search for the hot spot as indicated by the SSID on the back of the device, input the Wi-Fi password as shown below the SSID..

A: NiuFi can be used as charging bank for emergency recharge. To avoid affecting the working life of the device battery, be sure to charge your phone when the device is fully charged. To avoid excessive battery discharge when the device is running low, the device will automatically turn on circuit protection and refuse externally charge.

A: Global NiuFi can work for about 15 hours, while domestic NiuFi is about 20 hours. The actual active working time is affected by the local network signal quality and traffic usage (for example, if 5 devices are connected at the same time, the power consumption is significantly increased compared with 1 device).

A: Wi-Fi signal covers more than 10 meters in an open environment.

A: After the device is turned on, high-speed data connection will maintained for a long time causing large power consumption. If the ambient temperature is high, or the device is placed in a travel bag with poor heat dissipation, the device will be slightly hot, which is a normal working condition. In order to keep the equipment in good working condition, it is recommended to place it in a place with good ventilation and heat dissipation.

A: Customer
1)Follow the national three guarantee policy, customer have right to choose to return or exchange due to quality issue(premise is not affecting the second sale) within 7 days; to choose to exchange or maintain within 15 days;have right to get overall warranty service within 1 year.
2)During the three guarantee policy period, if the consumer is unwilling to exchange and meet the return, if there is no man-made damage, the depreciation fee will be charged on a monthly basis.
3)During the one-year warranty period, if device still cannot work properly after continuous maintenance, it will be replaced with the new one.

1)During the lease period, the device encounters a fault, which is not considered to be caused by the user, it will be replaced with another functioning one for free.
During the lease period, if the device is man-damaged and cannot be used properly, customer can get new replacement only after paying the repair or maintenance fee.

A: The device adopts multi-mode LTE chip and supports LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD multi-band. The downlink can reach up to 100Mbps and the uplink can reach up to 50Mbps. The actual network speed is affected by the network coverage of the location and the signal quality.

A: It takes about 4 hours to get it fully charged with 5V/2A charger when the device has been turned off..

A: Please fellow our official YBB WeChat account:YBB travel, or call customer service hotline: 400-061-6266.