Oversease Wifi FAQ

A: To ensure a successful booking, please book 3 days in advance before your departure date. There may be few differences based on different purchasing channel, we recommend you to consult our online customer service before booking, to learn the latest information of availability and status of your reservations.

We’re sorry to tell you that online reservation (official website & Wechat) is not available on the same day of departure.

A: If you want to make change after placing your order, just contact us (by phone, email or wechat) at least one day before the departure date and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

A:You can contact our customer support to cancel the order at least one day earlier than your departure date and get the full refund.

A: Please show picture of our service counter on our website to airport Information Desk to ask for help, or to call our support phone line. 

A: By providing with your name, mobile phone number, order confirmation, your friend can help you collecting the device. If personal/order information is leaked by your personal reason, which leads to device taken by others,you will take the responsibility.

A: You can find the information in this website.

A: Dear customer, if you forget to return. Please deliver it to address below: 

Room D, Room D1, Floor B1, P1, Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 1

Youbanban Tel: 021-68355006  Post code: 201202.

If it is sent by courier, the return date is subject to the date of courier delivery.  The value of your package should be set at $10 and marked as “return electronic used rental device”. This will ensure that no additional customs fees are incurred. Should any fees occur, we will charge them back to you. Again, if you need any help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

A:Each WiFi maximum supports 5 devices to get online with high speed connection , within 10 meters’ effective range.

A:Our WiFi devices access the Internet through the 3G/4G public wireless telecommunication network, so please understand the signal strength and surfing speed depends on the operator’s coverage and network capacity. It might be affected in remote places like the ocean, high way, high altitude mountains & sheltered room. If there are too many mobile devices connected to the same WiFi device, it will lower the network speed and limit the bandwidth for each device. And it is possible that sometimes you see cellphone signals but WIFI internet does not work, that is probably because at that time only voice coverage is available, especially in rural areas. If you have any difficulty to access the internet not due to any reason we mentioned before, please feel free to contact our 24×7 hotline @ 4000-616-266 or WeChat our customer service.

A: You get unlimited internet, which is never cut off. You can use up to 500MB – 3GB (this is dependant on the plan you select) full speed, per day, before your connection speed maxes out at 300kbps – This speed still allows for light browsing, social media and email. The connection speed will return to normal the next day.

A: Please follow the following instruction: 1.Charge it for half an hour with device shut down then turn it on and try again; 2. Try to replace the charging adaptor or charging cable; 3. Open the back cover of the device, remove the battery & plug in the power cord, put the battery back when the screen light is on.

A: Because of lithium battery, device can only be carried with you. No consignment is allowed.

A: You will get the deposit back (unfreeze the credit card pre-authorization) when you return the device at airport. If you ship back, this is done in 5-7 business days after we receive the device.

A:We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. Our customer service will track the record and check with local operator to confirm it is not caused by personal reason, then refund will be made within 5-7 working days.

A: You will be deducted with 500 RMB from credit card for the loss of device.

A: You can apply for invoice within 15 days after returning the device.