“Youbenben”Overseas Mobile Equipment Rental Agreement

Article 1【Purpose】

This agreement details the conditions, procedures, fees and other matters of mobile equipment rental services provided by Shanghai Runguiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Youbenben)

Article 2【Defrayment】

​​The renter should understand and pay the relevant fees, including rent and equipment deposit (portable Wifi and accessories: 500/800 yuan) before using the companion service. Any payment by the Lessor is deemed to be an endorsement of this Agreement.

The equipment deposit will be refunded to the renter upon the end of the lease.

Article 3【Mobile Device Usage Area】

① When the renter is at sea, on a lake, on a cruise (cruise), on a highway, on a train, in a remote mountainous area, in a town, in a tunnel, underground, in a narrow alley, etc., there may be no signal or signal instability in the mobile device. The local operator’s signal coverage is related, and the “play companion” does not assume corresponding responsibility.

② The renter is responsible for the failure of the mobile device due to the owner’s own reasons.

Article 4【Charge description​】

① Description of the deposit: If the rental mobile equipment and its accessories and accessories are lost or damaged, the amount of compensation shall be collected in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of this Agreement.

② The rent is charged according to the tariff charged by the renter.

③ “Deferred rent” and “stagnation fee” are charged according to the original price of the package, and the discount price of the activity is not used as the collection standard.

Article 5【Mobile device lost billing instructions

If the mobile device is lost or damaged, the full deposit will be deducted, and the renter will be required to pay the excess “extended rent”. The replenishment needs to be completed within 3 days after the leaser returns to China.

Article 6【Settlement time rule

​Rent billing cycle: from the beginning of equipment collection to the end of equipment return. If you can’t complete the settlement at the airport counter in special circumstances, please choose the courier return equipment within 24 hours after arrival, and defer the deferred payment with reference to the daily rent. The company registration receipt time shall prevail), the deposit will be remitted to the designated bank card within 5-7 working days.

Article 7【Mobile device failure

① If the mobile device fails and cannot be used, please contact the customer service center. The companion partner will take timely measures to help the renter solve the problem: Tel: 400-061-6266 (9:00-22:00);
WeChat service number: youbanban (Youbenben travel) (24 hours customer service).

② If the mobile device is lost, the companion partner should be notified in time, and the loss caused by the loss of the device will be borne by the renter.

Article 8【Use limit

If the renter violates these Terms of Use during the rental period or is found to be maliciously used (see the supplementary instructions for details), Youbenben has the right to terminate the service.

Article 9【Compensation standard

Loss and damage of mobile equipment and accessories will be compensated according to the following standards: (RMB). Portable Wifi: 500/800 yuan / department; SIM card: 150 yuan / Zhang; charger: 30 yuan / month; lithium battery: 100 yuan / block; mobile phone package: 50 yuan / month; conversion plug: 35 yuan / month; Charging treasure: 69 yuan / month.

Article 10【Supplementary explanation

Mobile devices are only used in the country of departure. Do not switch on before you arrive. The data roaming charges incurred due to the opening of the equipment in advance are borne by the renter.

For all unlimited traffic products, the operator enables the fair use principle. For users who use too much traffic in a period of time, other users cannot use the traffic normally, and the operator will take measures such as stopping or slowing down. In order to ensure normal use, please try not to watch videos and download large software.

③ If the lessor has not notified the companion partner to extend the lease term beyond the lease term of 3 days, the travel companion has the right to terminate the lease agreement and deduct the corresponding loss amount.

Article 11【Regulations and Differences

The final interpretation of the terms of the above agreement belongs to Shanghai Runguiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. on the premise of complying with relevant national laws and regulations. If the differences between the two parties are unsuccessful, they will be submitted to the jurisdictional court of Shanghai Runguiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. for processing.